Tuesday, February 7, 2012

But is it Art? Day 4 Trent

I flubbed a line in my artist talk on Friday night. Not to worry, the crowd was too gracious to make any mention; either that or they thought I was being esoteric.  I think it was the former.

My quip fell flat when I said, “Voices at Hand isn’t exactly a Frank Lloyd Webber production.” Of course it isn’t, Frank Lloyd Webber doesn’t exist! “It isn’t exactly an Andrew Lloyd Webber production” is what I thought came out of my mouth until I later at home, when it came to me and I confirmed it with my husband.

Perhaps it was too dramatic a comparison to begin with? Unnecessary even? Certainly it was too long. No more three part names for me.

Why Webber you ask?  As I wrapped up my talk I posed the question “But is it art?” “Is it performance?” is the close cousin to this question, at least with this project.

The context for the question was a telephone conversation I had with friend who called to say she would not be able to attend the reception. She apologized and then added,  “I guess you been so busy with Voices at Hand you don’t have much time for your art?”

There you have it, a question I know many must think, especially since I’ve chosen to conduct this exploration and present the work outside art gallery walls. As I wound down my talk I thought it was worthwhile to open up a discussion by asking what many are too polite to ask.

What do you think blog world? Is it art? How do we know when art is doing its job? 

It’s important to know how you feel. It’s important to know what you think! And then be prepared to switch it up from time to time. Stop by if you are anywhere near Gzowski College today and tomorrow and we can talk about it.

Hope to see you,



  1. Great queston! The older I get the more I realize that art isn't a product, it's a way of life. Ergo, the medium is the message.

  2. I love your art Wendy, whatever it is (encaustics, reworks, cooking, this). I think VAH sits at the intersection of performance art, archival history, and site-specific installation and community project. In short, it's amazing, and multi-disciplinary. Is it art? It's the product of an artist!