Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Norfolk County Day One

I’ve always thought of texting as a sophisticated form of notes passed in class. Text messaging turned twenty yesterday so not surprisingly texts were a recurring theme in conversations I had with gallery goers today.

The first postcards were Christmas cards and the first text message was, “Merry Christmas.” I’m not sure the group of six to ten year olds that visited me today grasped that nuance. They were more interested in the 102 year-old postcards I passed around.          

I’m still looking for the quintessential text message written in symbols to round out my collection. For now I have a sheet of texts written in 2011 and their forerunners:  notes passed in class that capture the spirit of texting and postcards written at the turn of last century.

Texts 2011

Me too. I got more positive energy from you too —thanks a lot. I had a wonderful time with you J. See you at the cinema next week; great!
May 2011

I asked Amanda to make a Boston cream pie and she said no. If you could convince her that would be my gift. J
October 2011

Notes passed in class 1980 and 1981

So how’s stuff? Taking up chem. tests doesn’t really flip my switch so I’m not listening. Gets a bit rough like when he asked me a question a sec ago and I didn’t know what he was parlering about.
Guess Who?

Thanks for helping me with psychology and taking care of me when I was sick yesterday.  I really appreciate it. Did Miss Bell say anything about my absence?
Ciao, Lea

 I got four letters —one from my sister, who told me, are you ready, Diana Taylor is dead. Heather killed her and wrote “Anne” in blood all over the place. Jeff also knows that PJ is Stephen Lars Webber.

Christmas Card / Postcard

Hello Edd,
How is Daffi? I hope you are ready for school by now. Happy New Year to you.  
December 1910

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