Monday, February 25, 2013

Random Storylines in the Calm Before the Storm—Day 1 Lady Eaton College

I love the way I can fly under the radar on the first day of a residency.

I’m sure students and faculty at Lady Eaton College have noticed something is up in the dining hall, but only a handful made their way to my fishbowl-like annex. I’ll give them until midday tomorrow before I employ small acts of art sabotage to lure more in.

Today I was content to catch up on reading, sorting and filing from past residencies —a bit like what lies ahead for the student I overheard confessing to her friends “ I did nothing over Reading Week.”  

Welcome back Trent. Hope you enjoy today's random voyage back in time—we’re going to have some fun this week.

Till tomorrow,


6 Nov 1996
Where are you? What have you been doing? Haven’t spoken written, mailed, emailed in ages. …
 Well I hope you are going to fill me in on what you have been up to …
 Okay, try to drop me a letter, even if it’s on the back of a stamp. Love to hear from you …
Take care and have fun in the snow.
30 April 1997
Yes I agree with everything you said—spineless twat, but I still love her, what a fucking sucker eh? Still I’m getting over the worst, in the end the means of delivery [email] just reflects on her sensitivity. She never possessed it I am afraid…I am much clearer on the type of person she was. One day I’ll tell all, but she had some serious hang ups!
So this has all been me, me and more of me. Do write…I know you are crap at writing (!)…but  tell me what’s been happening with your life…
I wish I were able to spend some time in N. America this year; it would be good to catch up on things…
Okay, sorry this sounds a bit down, I am not always a miserable git—honest.
Take care and regards to Ken,
Love Sam

1 April 96
 Have you heard about our Mad Cow scare? BSE [Bovine spongiform encephalopathy] this is not an April Fools Day wind up, but the UK is undergoing a huge BOE? [Bank of England] scare it’s not been directly linked to CJD [Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease], but the government can’t deny it, the result is not good news for farmers and beef export…this is not to say I’m not eating British beef, well you see the supermarkets are cutting their prices 50%...all very interesting stuff I hear you say. That is probably the biggest news in Europe at the moment. I suspect all the veggies are laughing their socks off.

 [Not dated but Google tells me it was the summer of ‘82]
Well it happened I have turned 20. That pretty well sucks the bag eh? Newsflash Jimmy Connor beat John McEnroe"  

         Aug 30, 1979
Far from it —I’ve thought of you a lot this summer, wondering how you are doing, what troubles you are encasing yourself in, what kind of people you are loving and despising. What plans are being formulated in that cutie head of yours—I haven’t forgotten you far from it.
Right now I’m at my Mom’s farm. It is gorgeous today. The garden is doing well, looking a trifle better after my meager weeding efforts today. Raspberry canes run the length of the plot, strawberries nestled on each side. The melons are not likely to make it to fruition this year, but a few squash may …
 I wish I knew you better kid. You remind me of myself in many ways but I know there must be differences. I do hope you will write to me occasionally and keep me informed as to your state of mind. Newsy letters I find tell very little of what’s going on because the news involves many others usually. A dear diary letter often tells more. I’d like to write to you as well if you don’t mind. (To hell with you if you do)
 I enjoyed coaching you girls so much—not getting up early after 3hrs sleep, not driving to Fanshawe, not risking life and limb on the stupid dock, not cursing the day motors were invented, not riding in the rain, not hearing excuses about working you too hard—but getting 12 (or was it 13? God what a memory) girls to work and play together, teaching you a little about the sport that captured my soul, watching you row well and prove to yourselves that you could do it if you wanted to… You probably noticed that my enjoyment increased 10-fold once we were on the water because that’s when rowing becomes special. Weights, running, foot stops rigging are rather boring, but then the fun begins…   I guess what I’m trying to say is that you girls helped me emotionally when I needed it and I hope something good happened to you too. By the way, if you are like me, your life will never be boring. …
Keith, Scotland
           May 17, 1852

           Dear Brother,
I received your letter and we was happy to heare from you all for it has been a long time since we hard from you it is 10 years since we got a letter from you I was thinking you was not in the land of the living we was sorrow to heare from you the loss of your famaly we have had 6 of a famaly one of them died about 2 years old her naim was Shusan we have now 5, four garles and one sone and I think we must stop now...

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