Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Maybe We Are All Wayfinding?—Day 2 Lady Eaton College

Yesterday at Lady Eaton I processed and added sixty-one new letters to the collection including stacks of Christmas cards and Valentines and a large number of letters I was prepared to file in The Big News, The Small News or The Juicy News.

Today, after mounting a number of over-sized letters from Wayfinding in the dining hall to lure diners to my installation I’m not so sure.

A blank postcard with a note attached to it promising to locate a risqué letter recounting a ménage-a-trois:

A letter of congratulations from an elementary school teacher to one of her favorite students:

I shall be so happy when you graduate this year. It doesn’t seem possible that this group I knew so well has already grown up sufficiently to be going to high school.
I hear that you are going away to school in the new term —that is exciting and I am sure you will enjoy it tremendously. You have always been one of my special people, Ken, dependable and level headed with a great capacity for work. 
Letters from a girl navigating high school:

And a thank you note from a young mother:

I’ve been meaning to thank you for the card about reading novels. There is, unfortunately a tragic ironic twist reconnected with that card: I no longer have time to read. And boy do I miss it. I’ve only just reincorporated exercise into my life—and novels are next, but I must wait for Henry’s next steps toward independence (or just longer sleeps). Jim is making me read some pop-psyche book on marriage, which, to my surprise is good—only because it re-affirms what I already know. Although I’ve only read the first 10 pages, I think his premise is simply that friendship and respect count more than conflict resolution, active listening or sex etc.
 Talk to you more about it when I talk to you. We’re still working towards an Ontario move this summer.
 Take care.
           Yeah snail mail! Martha xo

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