Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Are O's hugs or kisses? - Picton, Day 2

This became the burning question of the day after reading a letter with 1606  O’s  keyed across the bottom. 

Written by a seven-year-old boy it came to me in a collection of ten imaginative letters, exchanged between the boy and  “My Friend the Rabbit”.  Apparently as well travelled, as he is loved, the father behind the rabbit’s quill had the letters sent from Australia even though he shares a warren with the boy. I’m told the ruse went on for four years until the boy turned ten. It’s not clear whether the identity of the rabbit was ever revealed, but I had to vow not to use the boy’s surname.
Later today a new category emerged when I came across a similar letter written to another lad by a miniature man named Petro living in a Montreal walk-up. The author?  The boy’s Great Aunt, but don’t tell! The category? Formative Yarns – that makes 43 in all.

More tomorrow. R.S.V.P. re X’s & O’s!!    

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