Saturday, August 6, 2011

Best Friends Forever - Picton, Day 6

My flirtation with a correspondence-remix continues tonight and tomorrow in the letters of the day posted in the window of Books & Company.

A random sampling of readings from B.F.F. is fairly self explanatory, but a reassessment of The Word From Snod, where I zoned in on 20 letters shared between Snod and an old pal made me think I should re-shuffle the decks.

Snod is joined by a continuum of characters:

A young girl making up with her friends after they have betrayed her trust:
 “I guess I must forgive pretty easily, because I am friends with Laurie and Kim still, after they said that they were sorry I just forgot about it and was friends with them again.”

A university bound young woman outfitting a house:
“Here is a list of the stuff I’m bringing, so that we don’t end up with four of everything... I hear you can bring a microwave.”

A friend back home who wants to hear all about frosh week and classes...

And a fortune cookie prediction attached to a tea-towel chain letter predicting:
“ You or a close friend will be married in a year.”

 I think he is in good company!

The X & O poll closed tonight. Results soon!  

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