Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer Love - Picton, Day 1

As you might expect, Love  was one of, if not the first, category I came up with in the spring of 2010, when I began Voices at Hand. In retrospect it’s a bit surprising that it took me this long to add Summer Love. Yesterday, on one of the hottest dog-days, in a town that hops all summer long, it became #42. I’m taking this as a resounding endorsement of my decision to travel this project and mount it in different seasons! 

It helped that the letters I laid my hands on first were so thoughtfully chosen by the donor: A collection from two brothers, aged 7 and 13, competing for the affections of a thirteen year old girl and a suite of letters from a teen wooing the same girl later in the '70s filled with promises to pay for her rides at the Ex and plea to take her to the B.T.O. concert. Spoiler Alert: it’s over by February; he has “changed since last summer.”

More later today,

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