Monday, October 25, 2010

Day Thirteen- Taking a Stand

This category is pretty self-explanatory, but what a range of letters it contains! Political rants, a note to the tooth fairy requesting more than a dollar per tooth and a letter from the Chief Justice of Canada to the Editor in Chief of the Globe and Mail imploring him to update his  25 year old stock profile photo—you'll find them all in Taking a Stand. 

Some other recent favorites are: a hilarious account of a woman standing up to her step-daughter, complete with the family complications that ensue; and a fourteen page letter from 1945 where an artist recounts the reception of his work by art critics.

He begins:

"What I had in mind was to try to get to my pictures reproduced in volume, without much previous reference to anybody; and when I realized I was to be practically barred from this by the price for plates which strongly indicates a cartel in the business, to keep small-fry out of it, I went about some of the Art People, to see what I could learn to help me. For, one can learn even from crazy people, and as already intimated, I have rather expected that is what I would be meeting at Art Exhibits."

What follows is a side-splitting description of the critique of the artist's work and his rebuttal. If you are the neighbourhood, drop in SOHO to hear the rest of the saga— there are only two more days to ask for a reading!

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