Sunday, October 17, 2010

Patterns - Day Four

What an exquisite Saturday it was! Sunny and warm, great for those out strolling, but a bit too hot to stay in the window for the duration. When the sun came around, I set up a stool on the sidewalk and read perched outside the store. 
I can see a pattern developing in the most frequently requested categories. History is way out front. Firm Ground, Shaky Ground, Juicy News, In Confidence and Love are also very popular, And when I explain what they are, Wayfinding ( letters written in that period defined by  formal education and the rest of life) and Signalling (an obvious attempt at contact, be it romantic or otherwise) are pretty solid. People in a hurry request Post Scripts or sound bites from Missing You.

There is some interesting reading in two new categories I created in response to recent submissions. The Best Laid Plans has become the home for letters filled with all manner of logistical details, while Code For ... contains correspondence written in a language shared by writer and recipient. Tomorrow, I think I might encourage readings from these latest as well as one of my favorites The Small News. Sunday seems a good day for small news!

Before I left this evening, I posted four letters in the window: A letter of complaint written in 1925 to a shopkeeper claiming that the corn syrup he had purchased had "done his corns no good;" a soldier's letter home to his young bride in 1943; and the postcard and thank- you note from yesterday's posting. They will be in the window until Sunday afternoon.

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