Friday, October 15, 2010

Day Two - Swatches Are Making a Comeback

I’m sitting with the stack of  today’s letters at my side. If I pull randomly from the pile and quote passages, let’s see where it takes us.

The first week of classes is almost over— I’m quite happy with them! I can’t believe I am finally here—I feel like such a woman. I live in a townhouse with about 13 other girls —the rooms are okay —they just need a little brightening up—I’m working on it — Oh yay, I just remembered a few days after you..." 

The day just flew by, as I passed the hours in the window in the hearts and minds of twentysomethings. Dorm life, summer jobs, overseas studies, exams,  midterms, road trips—friends in constant contact— you might call it social networking with the blanks filled in.
Another stab at the pile. Shall I pull a postcard, monogrammed stationary, aerogram, Boynton Greeting Card or sheet of yellow full-scap?

Okay— a card  with a coffee-stained letter attached and a post script on the back of the envelope claiming:“ Lou Reed & UB40 will be in London before Christmas. Thompson Twins & Kool and the Gang are after that.

Another letter has New Order playing in Boston and its author enthuses about the SWATCH he received for Christmas.  I shared this with one man today who claims that SWATCHES are making a come back. “Everything from the eighties is coming back.”

It sure did for me today. Sixty two letters worth. Still, I find when I take out the time references I can have  a foot in any era, as in  today’s letter of the day:

A young woman’s tear-stained final good-bye to her “best friend and boyfriend” after 2 years. Tender and wise, she struggles to understand “this pleasant overwhelming feeling” and then wishes him well as he heads off to "get smart."

The letter will be posted in the window until end of day on the 15th. Check it out.


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