Monday, October 18, 2010

Sunday is a Good day for the Small News

Warm weather again on Sunday brought many onlookers. Some were even game enough to sweat it out with me for readings on my "solar -heated set."

I was pushing The Small News for my day five readings. Sunday's letter of the day captures this genre completley: a six page epistle that leaves readers with vivid images of its writer's character, the richness of her relationships and the life she leads on an Ontario farm.

It begins,"Any spelling mistakes I just want you to know I inserted on purpose to keep you  on your toes" and continues, "My afternoon has just run the gamut of excitement from zilch to minus zilch."

Exciting? Perhaps not. Full, humourous and warm, yes!

Housecleaning is a battle. She wages war on spiders,  musters courage to take on clutter, contritley admitting that she " closed (my) eyes and pitched out some running shoes of yours which were quite aged."

We learn of friends and family:

" Aunt Lorna called ... to tell Kathy interviewed at the Globe.! It may get no further, but isn't that exciting?


"You will know by now that Bruce has a job in the advertising field."

And she reports on daily life:

"Next Tuesday is Round up day for these here cowboys. I'm always glad when everything is where it is supposed to be and the animals to be sold are in the truck and out in the lane."

"Planted some tulips today which should be blooming when your year finishes. I learned the past week that  Parkinsons Disease Foundatin have a tulip which they promote and sell like daffodils and cancer I guess. Didn't know that when I planted my tulips though. Must to bed. Who named that cat Spot?    Mum"

For me the letter that accompanied this beauty really drives home the need to treasure these small things. In it "Mum's" daughter informed me that her mother has been living with Parkinson's Disease since the letter was written over a decade ago. Her words capture who she was. 

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