Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ready, Set, Go - Day One in the Window

Maybe it is because I am a little rusty at this that it was so difficult to choose the letter of the day today. 

I read thirty-eight within the first few hours and then spent the better part of what remained of the day waffling.

I lingered over a letter from a little girl to her cousin recounting the provenance of the bike she was giving him for his birthday.

"The freak bike is what we call your present...Another story is the freak bike is the bike both me (Lizzy) and Will learned how to ride on ...mabey (sic) you will learn how to ride on it too,"     

At least ten times, I opened a girlfriend to girlfriend, 21st birthday greeting for the way it captured the "wayfinding" years.

"I enjoyed the Sunday we spent together - looking back it seems such a secure moment. As I am preparing to travel in two days, right now I feel anything but secure.How lucky I am, however to have people like you and Cec, and my family to come home to.
Take care, enjoy your year and give yourself a kick in the bum when you start getting down in the dumps." 

Equally engaging was a letter from a man in Kashmir written in the early ninties.

"The life in Kashmir is very harsh, we get only any working day once or twice in a week, because here is too much unemployment. I thank to Johnny and you for sending love. We will never forget you. Please accept love from all of us."   

In the end I went with a letter written from son to father in Pettawawa in March 1854. Short and to the point, he requested a pair of snowshoes for a friend "as the ones he has are all broke... and a lead pencil if you please." and signed it "Your affectionate son Andrew Whyte."

You can see this letter in its entirety (and much more) in the window of SOHO Art & Custom Framing at 77 Roncesvalles Av Toronto. 

Hope to see you (and maybe some of your letters). 

Wendy T

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